Microsoft Teams Meetings Terms and Conditions

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  • All data, including recorded meetings, that have content subject to a legal hold or a record retention schedule must be preserved and/or retained.
  • For instructions on preserving recorded meetings subject to a legal hold, please follow Legal Hold Preservation Instructions.
  • For guidance on retaining data subject to the Company’s record retention schedule visit Records & Information Management.
  • For information on how your personal information is handled, please read our Privacy Policy.


  • This Microsoft Teams Meeting may be recorded.  You will be informed by the host before the recording function is turned on, and once activated a banner will appear across the screen indicating the session is being recorded.  Documents and other materials exchanged or viewed during the session may also recorded. BY JOINING THIS SESSION, YOU AUTOMATICALLY CONSENT TO SUCH RECORDINGS. If you do not consent to being recorded, discuss your concerns with the host or do not join the session. Any such recordings may be subject to discovery in litigation.
  • By turning on your camera, you actively consent to your image being captured if the session is recorded.  If you do not want your image to be captured, do not turn on your camera.
  • By vocalizing a question when a session is recorded, you actively consent to your voice being recorded.  Should you not wish your voice to be recorded, please submit your questions via the Chat. 
  • Should you not wish your voice and image to be captured in a recorded session, leave the session before the recording begins and watch the recording once available.
  • Company operations in other jurisdictions (ex-US) should review preservation requirements with LOCAL Counsel, Privacy, and/or Records Management teams to ensure that there are NO conflicting LOCAL privacy, regulatory, and /or Legal requirements.


  • Information lifecycle management is the responsibility of the information owner (creator, author, and/or custodian). All data formats, including recorded meetings, that have content under legal hold, or are responsive to a record retention schedule, regulatory, privacy, and/or business continuity/Intellectual property requirement must be preserved/ retained in a Company approved repository.